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JCI Serbia National Conference 2018 – 15 years of JCI Serbia

JCI Serbia 15th Anniversary was celebrated from 28-30th Septembar in Novi Sad, with our dear guests from Switzerland, Germany, Croatia and Serbia. These three days were full of amazing people and unforgettable experience.

Thank you Magí Senserrich Guitart, Vice President for Europe 2018, for sharing with us your JCI passion, motivation and support. It`s an honor to have you as our VP for this year, we learned so much from you. Also thanks to family Cesarov, Danielle Cesarov and Veselin, for your continuous support through all these 15 years. Your commitment for action is inspiring.

On Friday we welcomed our guests with the “Talk by the pool” networking. Later we had a National night, where we had the opportunity to taste the traditional flavours of Serbia, Switzerland, Germany and Croatia, to hear the sounds of serbian traditional instrument tamburitza, and to learn to dance folklore.

The second day schedule was exciting. We started the morning with inspirational lecture of Rodoljub Orescanin, from Biznisnova, about “The power of vision in business”. After that we had a guest from OPENS 2019 – Omladinska prestonica Evrope Novi Sad, Nataša Igić, who presented us why Novi Sad is going to be the European capital of youth in 2019, and what is our common role in empowering young people in Novi Sad. The second lecture was “Emotional intelligence at work”, held by Dejan Zivkovic, who taugh us how to reach the highest level of emotional intelligence, in order to become self-concious about all our potencials. In the second part of the day, our dear Magí Senserrich Guitart, presented to the members of JCI Serbia the JCI Europe Strategy. Then, together with JCI Serbia National president 2019, Drazen Stankovic, Magi did the “Strategic Plan Workshop for JCI Serbia 2019/2023”. During that time, our international guests went sightseeing in the town of Sremski Karlovci, with wine and honey tasting.

The Gala night ceremony has gathered some JCI Serbia senators, founders, and alumni members. Thank you for starting the JCI story in Serbia, we are proud that we can continue what you founded 15 years ago. We also had the chance to meet Claudia Chinello, JCI Switzerland National president 2018, and Christoffer Wiese, JCI Freiburg Local president 2018. Thank you for your wonderfull words, inspiring actions and perseverance. In the end of the formal part, we announced the winners of the following three categories:

– The Best JCI Serbia 2018 project was Svetski Dan Čišćenja 2018;

– The Best JCI Serbia 2018 local chapter is JCI Beograd.

– The Best JCI Serbia 2018 young member is Tijana Aradjan, the Director of JCI Serbia National Conference. Tijana recieved as a prize the participation to the JCI European Conference 2019 Lyon, thanks to the family Cesarov.


Thank you OPENS 2019 – Omladinska prestonica Evrope Novi Sad, Hotel Dash – Novi Sad, VILLA Palace Novi Sad, Salaš Drevna u Novome Sadu, Unicounselor, Turistička organizacija Novi Sad, Turistička organizacija Vojvodine and Turistička organizacija Sremski Karlovci for your support in making this National Conference successful.

The people are those who make JCI Serbia to last, grow, develop, and to create new leaders and changemakers in the world. Thanks to all our guests, and JCI Serbia friends, for sharing your experience, knowledge, energy and positive vibes, through all these 15 years. It was wonderful to explore together the opportunities for making our society better, all over the Europe. We are looking forward to all the new chapters in our JCI story.

JCI Serbia, be better, and happy 15th Anniversary!


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